First impressions matter, especially when it comes to attracting the right buyers for your home. As a real estate photographer, I create photos that make your property look extraordinary, photos that convey my personal experience of standing in your home, photos that ultimately compel the viewer to come experience the property for themselves.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and a Masters degree in film production from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. In film school, I began using still photography as a way to train my eyes to “see” as a director. I’m also fascinated with technology, and digital cameras have provided me with hours of creative exploration over the years. It’s immensely satisfying to shoot a photograph and be able to share the finished piece with an audience. With the advent of DSLRs that also shoot video, my two passions have converged, and I’m eagerly anticipating all of the new technological developments over the next few years. However, the foundation of still and motion photography remains the same: create images that move the audience. As a director and photographer, I am keenly aware that I’m in the business of creating “moving pictures.”